Driving Lessons University of Surrey

Professional University of Surrey Driving Lessons in manual or automatic cars for all levels of students in the University of Surrey.

MGM Driving School offer driver education for New Learners and Mature Learners including Motorway Driving Lessons Refresher Driving Lessons and Pass Plus Driving Lessons in and around University of Surrey.

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MGM Driving Tuition

Driving Lessons in University of Surrey

Driving Lessons University of Surrey from MGM Driving Tuition for new learner drivers to experienced or a nervous learner driver we are able to offer flexible structured Driving Lessons in University of Surrey for your individual needs.

Learn to drive in a clean and well-maintained vehicle from one of our courteous well presented University of Surrey Driving Instructors who are punctual, forward thinking and therefore able to structure Driving Lessons in University of Surrey for each individual pupil depending on their progress and ability.

Our University of Surrey Driving Instructors are fully qualified DVSA approved Driving Instructors providing the highest quality driving instruction in University of Surrey.

All instructors carry out regular training to keep up with industry changes and the latest coaching techniques, they are standard checked on a regular basis by the DVSA and have enhanced CRB checks.

Our tuition programmes cover Safe Driving & Defensive Driving techniques as you learn to drive in University of Surrey - coaching you through the Theory Drivers Test & Practical Driving Test to gain your full Drivers Licence.

Driving Lessons University of Surrey

Flexible Driving Lessons

We will always try to be flexible with lessons and carry out lessons on days and times that best suit you.

Assessment Driving Lessons

We can carry out a full assessment on your first lesson and tailor a course of lessons to suit your needs.

Experienced Drivers

Qualified drivers who feel they would benefit from further tuition with motorways, complex road systems or lack confidence in a particular skill.

Nervous Learners

MGM Driving Instructors are patient and understanding helping nervous drivers to grow in confidence.

Foreign Driving Licence Holders

Foreign licence holders that need to familiarise themselves with UK roads and motorways.

Parental Driving Lessons

Qualified drivers that would like to supervise a learner driver whilst they are learning with an Instructor.

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New Learner Driving Lessons University of Surrey

Choosing the right Driving School is an important decision

The beginning of your journey as a new learner driver begins with an application for a Provisional Driving Licence.

Becoming a legal car driver requires the successful completion of both a

Theory Driving Test and Practical Driving Test.

 Your first driving lesson as a New Learner in University of Surrey

As a new learner driver with MGM Driving School your first driving lesson will begin with the cockpit drill and controls exercise progressing to moving off and stopping. University of Surrey has many quiet roads to get to grips with the car before moving onto the busy Guildford roads and one way systems.

Using our progress report book you are able to keep track of your progress as you work through the learning to drive syllabus set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to develop the driver skills, knowledge and understanding needed for safe and responsible driving throughout your driving career.

Our commitment to training aid technology gives our pupils a significant edge with regards to successfully passing their tests.
Learning aids include:
Instructor IPads, Custom Software, Progress report, Lesson recap sheets, in car theory and hazard perception training and mock tests.

MGM Driving Tution believe strongly in the basics.

Good customer service, clean and well maintained vehicles, polite, courteous and well presented Driving Instructors who are punctual, forward thinking and therefore able to structure lessons for each individual pupil depending on their progress.

We pride ourselves in our High Pass Rate and ensure our standards are maintained to continue providing the best driving tuition possible.

We have developed an extensive knowledge of Guildford and Surrey roads allowing us to cover driving tuition that covers all the various Guildford Test Routes ensuring you reach test standard as soon as possible.

We believe that every pupil we teach should become the safest and most responsible driver they can be.
Offering Post-test training ensuring safe driving for life.

We believe we are able to offer our pupils a personalised high level of service that you will not find with other Driving Schools.

Cockpit Drill
On Road Driving Lessons
Patient Instructors
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Mature Learner Driving Lessons University of Surrey

Driving Lessons with flexibility and understanding

Mature learners are pupils that have some driving experience and may require a greater level of flexibility with regards to lesson scheduling in University of Surrey.

MGM Driving School offer driving lessons and courses over weekends and bank holidays at no extra cost.

 Mature Learner in University of Surrey

Pupils that have failed the Practical Driving Test.
Passing the Practical Driving Tests requires more then mastering the skill of driving a car, our full diagnostics will identify any areas of improvement where we are then able to offer a direct practical solution.

Pupils that may have become nervous about learning to drive.
MGM Driving Instructors are patient and understanding helping nervous drivers to grow in confidence.
Nervous drivers also have the option to start lessons at our off road track.
This consists of over 3 miles of tarmac roads, including roundabouts, junctions and dual carriageways.
Nervous learners can get to grips with the car in a relaxed control environment without the worry of other road users.
Whilst we offer new modern dual controlled vehicles mature learners can request to learn in their own vehicle providing they have the required legal documents and the vehicle meets the minimum test requirements.

Learners with experience can benefit from an assessment lesson where our driving instructor can ascertain your level of existing ability and then devise a course of lessons in order for you to take the practical test.

Practical Test Diagnostics
Nervous Pupils
Assessment Lesson

Motorway Driving Lessons helping you to stay safe.


Motorways are unlike any other road, not just because of the number of lanes, the high traffic volumes and vehicle speeds, but also there are rules and signs that only relate to motorways.

What is Pass Plus?


Pass plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers, it is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely.

Lessons to build you’re confidence.

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Refresher driving lessons and courses can be a good choice for a variety of pupils helping you to gain more experience and grow in confidence.

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Intensive Driving Courses University of Surrey

Intensive driving courses in University of Surrey for new and mature learners who either need or prefer to learn quickly.

Driving Crash Courses University of Surrey can be arranged either as a block booking of continuous lessons or as many lessons per week as the pupil requires over a specified period of time.

Flexibility is key with our intensive driving courses and we are sure we can accommodate you no matter what your intensive driving course needs are.

Driving LicenceTheory TestPractical Test.

Information for pupils as you learn to drive.
The following buttons are full of information on the following.

Driver Licence
Before you can learn to drive a car on public roads you must be in possession of a valid provisional drivers licence.
You will find information of how to:
Obtain your first provisional drivers licence.
Starting your first driving lessons either on public roads or private off road track.
Learning with a professional driving instructor or supervising driver.

Theory Test
As a new learner driver before you can take the Practical Driving Test you must take and pass the theory driving test.
You will find information on: 
Videos on what to expect on the day.
How to book your test.
Learning resources to help you pass your theory test.

Practical Driving Test
Practical Driving Test information, Help and Support.
Advice and tips on how to pass your Practical Driving Test.

Some frequently ask questions


DVSA research shows the average 17 year old that has never driven a car before will require around 67 hours of tuition in order to reach test standard. This tuition is usually made up of 45 hours with a professional driving instructor and 22 hours of private practice.

The majority of MGM Driving tuition pupils will reach test standard with less lessons then the DVSA average.

Our proven syllabus will ensure you reach test standard as soon as possible and to a very high standard.

Our courses and lessons are tailored to pupil's individual needs ensuring you only receive the lessons you require.  

We are able to work with parents or supervising drivers that are helping pupil's with private practice ensuring this does not hinder the learning process.

You will require a provisional licence before you can book a theory test.

You can apply for your provisional driving licence from the age of 15 years and nine months old but you cannot drive a car on a public road until you are seventeen.

You can take the theory test from your 17th birthday onwards.

Once you have passed your theory test you have two years from your pass date in order to pass the practical test.

We would advise you to start learning the theory at the same time you are taking your on road lessons, once you have taken some mock tests your instructor will advise you when to book your theory test.

You cannot book your practical test until you have passed your theory test and have the required pass certificate.

If you are taking the practical test in the instructor's car you will need to take a mock test before you are able to book the practical test.

Your instructor will advise you when to take the mock test and when to book the practical test.

Please ensure you bring your provisional driving licence on your first on road lesson and all on going on road lessons.

You will be required to read a number plate at a distance on 20 meters.

Please bring any glasses if you require them.

It is advisable to were suitable flat shoes when you are learning to drive.

Many pupils are nervous when they first start driving lessons, you will find MGM Driving Tuition instructors are very understanding, patient and use to helping nervous pupils gain the confidence they require.

If you are starting your first driving lesson on road then you will start at a quiet location in order to get comfortable with the car.

You can spend as long as you require in a quiet location until you start to feel confident and are ready to move on.

You wil find that your instructor will not rush you and will only move on when you are ready to.

Many of our pupils will start the first lesson at our off road track this is a great place to start without the distraction of other road users. Nervous pupils can really benefit from our off road courses to help then gain the confidence in order to start on road lessons.

The price of lessons remains the same for any car you take your lesson in.

Although we would recommend you take driving lessons with a professional driving instructor parents or a supervising driver can supervise you while you practice to drive providing they meet certain rules, however a lot has changed with the tests since your parents learned to drive and took the theory and practical drving tests.

We would advise pupils to start on road lessons with a professional driving instructor that has a dual control car.

Once you build up your skills and feel confident driving on the road the instructor will advise you or your parents when it is suitable for them to take you out.

The instructor can work with parents or supervising drivers and advise them on the areas to practice.

Parents or supervising drivers can also take a short course with one of our instructors to help with this supervision.

Yes you can take lesson in your own car once you reach the required standard.

The car will need to be road worthy and carry the correct Insurance documents. 

Your instructor will advise you when you can take lesson in your own car.

Please note that any claims will be made through the pupil's insurance when required and not the instructor's.

No you do not need to have passed your theory test in order to take your first lesson.

You will need to pass the theory test if you are taking an intesive driving course with a practical test at the end of your course. 

In order for us to book a practical test you must have a theory pass certificate.

The theory test is in two parts and consist of 50 multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception test. You have 57 minutes to answer the 50 multiple-choice questions. You can finish the multiple-choice questions part when you have answered all of the questions. You do not have to use the full 57 minutes. The hazard perception test last approximately 20 minutes.

The practical driving test last for around 40 minutes.

You can use your instructors car that you have been taking lessons in or you are able to take your own car to the test if it meets the rules.

Yes the instructor can pick you up at home and drop you off at college providing they are in Guildford, Godalming or Cranleigh.

The instructor can pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the Guildford, Cranleigh or Godalming area.
Please advise the instructor before your lesson so he is able to plan his next appointment.

All lesson that are not used can be refunded at the end of your course or lessons if they are not required.

By having a block booking of lessons you are able to guarantee the same day and time each week for your lessons.

We are unable to forward book lessons without payment.

Pupils that have not blocked booked will be offered the slots the instructor has free for that week.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card online, by bank transfer or by cash to the instructor on the day of your lesson.

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Driving Lessons University of Surrey

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