What to expect on test day

Practical driving tests last approximately 40 minutes and during the

practical driving test the driving examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving.

During the practical driving test you are allowed to make up to 15 driving faults, (16 or more results in a fail) however if you commit a serious or dangerous driving fault you will fail the test

Practical driving tests will start with an eyesight check, you will be required to read an old style number plate at 20 meters or 20.5 meters if the new style number plate is used.

If you are unable to read the number plate you will fail the test.

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After the eyesight check you will be asked about the vehicle safety check questions, you will be asked 2 questions one show me and one tell me.

If you answer the questions incorrectly this will result in one driving fault being recorded.

You will now be examined on your general driving, including a independent drive and one manoeuvre, you may also be asked to carry out an controlled stop.

During the test the examiner will give you directions, which you should follow.

You will be asked to carry out set exercises during the practical driving test.

If at any time the examiner considers you to be a danger to other road users then the test will be stopped.

After the test the examiner will tell you if you have passed or failed and you can request feedback on your test from the examiner.

Documents to bring

Theory test pass certificate (or confirmation)

Your appointment letter

Both Parts of your photo card licence

Booking Your Practical Driving Test

You are able to book your practical car driving test on the phone by post or online.

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Practical Driving Test Training Aids

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Intensive Driving Course

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