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Mature Learner

Mature Learners, Learn to Drive with MGM Driving School,

Driving Lessons for Mature Learners.

Driving Lessons with flexibility and understanding

Mature learners are pupils that have some driving experience and may require a greater level of flexibility with regards to lesson scheduling.

MGM Driving School offer driving lessons and courses over weekends and bank holidays at no extra cost.

Pupils that have failed the Practical Driving Test.

Passing the Practical Driving Tests requires more then mastering the skill of driving a car, our full diagnostics will identify any areas of improvement were we are then able to offer a direct practical solution.

Pupils that may have become Nervous about Learning to Drive.

MGM Driving Instructors are patient and understanding helping nervous drivers to grow in confidence.

Nervous drivers also have the option to start lessons at our off road track.

This consist of over 3 miles of tarmac roads, including roundabouts, junctions and dual carriageway.

Nervous learners can get to grips with the car in a relaxed control environment with out the worry of other road users.

Whilst we offer new modern dual controlled vehicles mature learners can request to learn in their own vehicle providing they have the required legal documents and the vehicle meets the minimum test requirements.

Learners with experience can benefit from an assessment lesson were our driving instructor can ascertain your level of existing ability and then devise a course of lessons in order for you to take the practical test.

At MGM Driving School we believe strongly in the basics.

Good customer service, clean and well maintained vehicles, polite, courteous and well presented driving instructors who are punctual, forward thinking and therefore able to structure lessons for each individual pupil depending on their progress.

We pride ourselves in our high pass rate and ensure our standards are maintained to continue providing the best driving tuition possible.

We have developed an extensive knowledge of the Surrey roads allowing us to cover driving tuition that covers all the various Guildford Test routes ensuring you reach test standard as soon as possible.

We believe that every pupil we teach should become the safest and most responsible driver they can be.

Offering post-test training ensuring safe driving for life.

We believe we are able to offer our pupils a personalised high level of service that you will not find with other driving schools.

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