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Defensive Driving Courses Guildford

Defensive Driving Courses, Advanced Driving, MGM Driving School  

Defensive Driving Courses in Guildford, Cranleigh and Godalming.

Defensive Driving Course and Advanced Driving designed to help keep you safe

Defensive driving course from MGM Driving School are suitable for experienced drivers and newly qualified drivers wanting to gain extra tuition and driving experience.

Defensive driving course can range from a single lesson to a course of lessons aimed at improving a particular area of driving and road safety.

Defensive driving course are able to give you invaluable training and experience on eco driving, risk assessment, crash prevention, overtaking and scanning techniques.

Topics Covered will include:

Use of mirrors and correct use of signals

Correct use of clutch

Steering and braking techniques

How to achieve maximum fuel economy

Scanning Techniques

Correct use of speed

Gauging and keeping safe distances

Risk assessment

Crash prevention

Overtaking procedures

Defensive driving lessons and courses are charged at our standard rate and block-booking discount apply.

As with all MGM Driving School services you will benefit from a tailored lesson or course from a fully qualified Approved Driving Standard Agency Instructor, offering a personalised high level of service that you will not find with other driving schools.

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